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Cainkade partners with Voyager Search for custom geo enterprise search


We’ve proudly worked with Voyager Search for several years to design and build their powerful Navigo experience. Read more about the design process behind Navigo here. We’re delighted to bring this geospatial design expertise to Voyager Search’s clients in industries such as government, park services, defense, transportation and natural resources. These solutions will help accelerate Digital Transformation inside of organizations. This often requires disparate systems to communicate with each other and to be presented seamlessly in one cohesive user experience. To that end, Cainkade is pleased to work with Voyager to offer solutions to customize the Navigo user interface and modify it to fit into internal portals and other websites.

Highlights of the solutions include:

    Brand integration – Custom branding, typography, color, and user interface elements.
    Custom Navigo home page – Integrate internal content on custom Navigo front page.
    Portal integration – Integrate popular, recommended and regionalized search results on intranets, corporate portals and other websites.

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Read the full press release here.

As modern citizens, we’ve grown accustomed to being able to find any sort of information about almost any public location around us with a quick search. Google Maps has set our expectations extremely high. Our partners at Voyager Search unlock this sort of magic inside the enterprise for proprietary and unique spatial and geographic data of all kinds – and by all kinds, we mean, data within over 2,000 media types.

On a side note it’s worth losing yourself in the new Voyager Open Data Network (ODN), a public resource housing an amazing trove of geo data that may become politically difficult to access, such as EPA content.