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Messaging is the new loyalty program

We came across this article by Amy Allen of Benbria while researching adoption of chat as a customer support and engagement tool. We were pleasantly surprised to see the focus on loyalty, not just sales and support.

chat guy

We haven’t fact-checked the stats, but we respect the logic.

“Roughly 75 percent of consumers would rather use text than voice to communicate with front-line team members. Moreover, with 90 percent of consumers in agreement, texting commands a higher customer satisfaction rating than either phone (77 percent) or Facebook (66 percent).”

In a world where people rarely install and actually use new apps, how can a business make it easy to communicate and stay in contact with a willing and interested customer?

We agree with the author and expect to see chat as a channel become as universal as email and a “home page” were in previous decades.

intro photo by istolethetv