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CES Roundup – Meet your new robot chauffeur

The future of mobility was the big story at CES this year. The combination of electric Vehicles (EVs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are accelerating change – giving rise to a mix of autonomous vehicles, electrics, and ridesharing that will change all sides of the car business. This shift will have cultural, financial and economic implications that are hard to fathom today.

We rounded up some of our favorite stories from the week.

In 2017, Cars are at the frontier of technology
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Google Grabs Back Auto Spotlight From Nvidia, Intel
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What will we do in our cars when we no longer have to drive them?
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Honda announces autonomous vehicle ecosystem at CES 2017

Why the parent company of Mercedes-Benz is working toward a future with far fewer cars
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Auto Show Lesson: The Difference Between Driverless And Self-Driving Cars
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The Eyes Behind Your First Driverless Car – Mobileye
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