A long time from now, in a galaxy pretty far away...

It was a period of peace and harmony for the Platynauts. They had been living in tranquility in the HZ0 Quadrant since their ancestors left the planet called Earth centuries ago. Little did the Platynauts know, an evil was brewing in the darkest depths of their galaxy. The long dormant Octoclops were hatching a plan to take over the galaxy and enslave any creatures that dared stand in their way. The Platynauts never suspected the attack. It was swift and effective. The Platynauts were overtaken and the planets were now in the hands of the Octoclops. A few brave Platys managed to escape and need your help to free their brothers and sisters and return the galaxy to peace.




Why are platypuses so awesome?

Because they defy the laws of physics, genetics, science, and reason. Next question!

Why is the game so hard?

Back when I was kid, games had consequences when you lost. You could play Super Mario for hours only to lose your last life and go back to 1-1. Those were the good days. That's how we originally built Platynauts but for now it just sets you back to the beginning of the galaxy...because you are all soft! Look for insane mode under settings in the future.

Are some of the levels even beatable?

Yes, they all have a winning launch angle. Some are extremely precise down to one tenth of a degree. Pay attention to every detail of your winning launches to reproduce them consistently.

Can the same angle produce different results?

Yes, in more difficult levels there may be many factors to consider. For example, moving objects may block your path or create multiple gravitational fields, which can affect the path of your ship. Thus, your ship’s ability save Platys will be affected! So, if you want to be a Platy hero and earn your stripes, you’ve gotta think about science before pressing that button.

Are there going to be more than three galaxies?

I don't know, you tell us. Do you want more? We have plans for many more galaxies and challenges but we're waiting to see if anyone hears our tree fall in the woods.

Will there be an Android version?

We started with iOS but would like to expand if people are enjoying it and would like an Android version.